Auto Trak II Transfer Case Fluid: What You Need to Know

Keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape requires regular maintenance and the right fluids. This includes your Auto Trak II Transfer Case Fluid. This guide offers key information such as proper use, storage, and disposal of the fluid so you can keep your truck's transfer case running smoothly.

What is Auto Trak II Transfer Case Fluid?

Auto Trak II Transfer Case Fluid is a truly synthetic automatic transmission/transfer case fluid specially designed for use in GM and other makes of light-duty trucks. It is formulated to provide excellent lubricating protection and helps prevent gear wear, thus providing extended transfer case life and excellent shift quality.

Why use Auto Trak II Transfer Case Fluid?

Auto Trak II Transfer Case Fluid helps provide advanced wear protection, promote fuel efficiency, and reduce friction. It also improves oxidation stability to extend the life of the fluid. This will help prevent component damage and improve overall performance. Furthermore, the fluid is formulated to offer improved corrosion protection for all components in the system, which increases its durability and reliability.

Where to Buy It and How Much You Should Pay.

Auto Trak II Transfer Case Fluid can be purchased online or through a variety of our auto parts stores. Prices tend to vary but you should expect to pay around $20 to $30 per quart. It’s important to make sure you buy the correct type and amount of fluid for your specific vehicle, as not all fluids are created equal. You should also check with your local mechanic for information about any additional maintenance needed for the transfer case if draining and refilling isn't an option.

Determining How Much You Need for Your Truck.

It is important to know how much fluid you will need for your transfer case, as Auto Trak II usually comes in quarts. The amount of fluid needed depends on the model of your truck and the size of your transfer case. So it's best to check with a local mechanic or online resource to find out exactly what is required for your vehicle. Once you have determined the correct amount, make sure you purchase enough fluid for the job.

The Key Difference between Synthetic and Non-Synthetic Fluids.

When buying Auto Trak II Transfer Case Fluid, you will be given the choice between synthetic and non-synthetic versions. The main difference is that synthetic fluids are designed to offer better protection against engine wear while non-synthetics are generally not as good. Synthetics tend to cost more, but their additional lubrication qualities guarantee enhanced performance. Generally, it is recommended to go with a synthetic fluid if you care about vehicle performance and longevity.

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