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AMSOIL 2 Stroke Powersports Oils are specifically formulated for use in two stroke engines to improve performance, efficiency, and extend the life of your engine. These products are designed to resist shearing and reduce wear on your engine. Also enhance cold weather starting, minimize smoke during operation, and provide superior lubrication in high performance applications.

Understand the Basics.

Before choosing AMSOIL 2 Stroke Powersports Oils for your engine, it’s important to understand the basics. This oil features a proprietary blend of synthetic base stocks plus special additives which provide superior lubrication and wear protection in demanding two stroke applications. Furthermore, Interceptor oil has been designed to ensure excellent cold weather starting and help reduce smoke during operation. So your two stroke engine runs cleaner and more efficiently.


The Benefits of AMSOIL 2 Stroke Powersports Oils.

AMSOIL 2 Stroke Powersports Oils are designed to keep your engine running at optimum efficiency and performance. These oils are specially formulated to extend engine life. They reduce wear and tear, reduce emissions and fuel consumption, improve cold weather starting and provide superior lubrication that resists thermal breakdown. In addition, these oils can help increase horsepower and torque as well as protect your engine from corrosion caused by moisture entering the crankcase.


Figure Out Your Mixing Ratio and Requirements for Synthetic Lubes.

When selecting the right kind of 2 stroke oil for your toy, one of the most important things to consider is finding the correct mixing ratio. The correct mixture ratio between fuel and 2 stroke engine oil is extremely important to ensure engine protection and maximum efficiency. Synthetic two stroke oils are more resistant to breakdown from bearing friction and higher temperatures allowing for better wear protection even at lower viscosity ratings.


Get Started: Choosing the Right Additives and Performance Enhancers.

AMSOIL 2 stroke Powersport oils have been specially formulated to not only provide superior anti wear protection, but also optimized viscosity. This helps with fuel economy and prevents oil build up during operation. In addition, these oils are packed with high performance additives and performance enhancers such as detergents, dispersants, rust inhibitors and emulsifiers. In fact, it helps promotes cleanliness and reduce friction providing a higher level of protection for your engine.


Identify Your Powersport Needs and the Right Oil for Them.

Selecting the right AMSOIL 2 Stroke Powersport Oil for your vehicle depends on the engine's needs and requirements. For two stroke engines, it is important to be aware of the viscosity and oil type that is required. The higher the viscosity rating along with a higher percentage of lubrication will better protect your engine from wear and tear. For this reason, it is important to determine which synthetic two stroke oil should be used based on your operating environment, temperatures and other conditions.

Product code : AIOQT-EA

This Synthetic 2-Stroke Injector Oil is a top choice for those using outboard motors and snowmobiles. It provides exceptional protection against rust and wear, as well as controlling deposits that can build up over time. Additionally, with a pour point of -60°F (-51°C), this oil can withstand even the coldest of temperatures to keep your equipment functioning smoothly.

Product code : AITQT-EA

INTERCEPTOR® Synthetic 2 Stroke Oil is a must have for all snowmobiles with two stroke engines. Its unique formula, specially designed for extreme cold temperatures, prevents piston ring and exhaust power valve sticking, protecting your engine from damage. The oil's exceptional cold temperature fluidity assures immediate lubrication starting at -63°F (-53ºC) pour point. In addition to protecting against wear, the oil produces low smoke and odor and helps prevent plug fouling, ensuring superior performance in direct fuel injected (DFI) engines.

Product Code: TDR

DOMINATOR® Synthetic 2 Stroke Racing Oil is specially formulated to meet the demands of high-performance, high rpm engines. With excellent film strength and an anti-friction formula, this oil helps to maximize power output while also preventing ring sticking and plug fouling. In addition, DOMINATOR® Synthetic 2 Stroke Racing Oil offers superior protection for coated and non coated racing pistons, helping to keep your engine running smoothly and reliably even under extreme race conditions.

Product Code: HPM

HP Marine Synthetic 2 Stroke Oil is ideal for Evinrude* E-TEC* factory lean setting. This oil provides a wide range of benefits to your engine, including preventing deposits, protecting against wear and rust, and offering low smoke emissions. The oil can be used as an injection oil or at 50:1 pre-mix, and it has superior performance in both cases. Additionally, this synthetic oil has low aquatic toxicity which makes it environmentally friendly.

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