Offering Better Oil Protection for Your Fleet

We are an AMSOIL Authorized Dealer that carries one of the leading synthetic lubricant products in the industry. AMSOIL products are designed to maximize the engine performance of your truck.

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Oil Testing Service

As part of our dedication to provide quality products, we can also perform oil testing for your fleet. We have a team of professional mechanics who are more than capable of helping you find the right product for your heavy vehicles.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Your Oil Tested?

We understand the importance of keeping your fleet running efficiently to maximize the productivity of your business. Commercial fleets often represent a significant percentage of a business’s spending budget and can have a strong impact on your bottom line. That’s why we offer our oil testing services – to make sure that you're getting the best ROI for your transportation and delivery systems. Other benefits of oil testing include:

  • Minimizing vehicle downtime
  • Saving money on maintenance & repairs
  • Making your fleet perform more efficiently
  • Providing an in-depth analysis of performance

We have a team of professional mechanics who are trained and equipped to properly test your oil and find you the best product for your commercial fleets and trucks. Get your oil checked today by our mechanics and save yourself money in the long run by addressing any issues or deficiencies early on. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!