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DOMINATOR® 10W-40 Racing Oil

Formulated to provide maximum power and engine protection, even under extreme conditions.

The oil is fortified with zinc and phosphorus additives, which help protect critical engine surfaces. Additionally, it contains a proprietary friction modifier that not only enhances power output but also helps reduce engine temperatures. This oil is suitable for both racing and street engines, making it a versatile choice for high-performance vehicles.


DOMINATOR® 10W-40 Racing Oil by AMSOIL is specifically designed to provide ultimate protection for high-performance racing applications. It is formulated to withstand the extreme conditions of racing, including high temperatures, elevated RPMs, and shock-loading. This synthetic racing oil is crafted in the lab to deliver maximum horsepower while still ensuring engine protection. It has been extensively tested and validated by championship-winning race teams. With its multi-grade formulation, DOMINATOR offers straight-grade protection. AMSOIL, a leader in automotive synthetic lubrication, has a long history of producing high-quality synthetic motor oils and is trusted by race engine owners to provide the best protection.

Fights Engine Wear

DOMINATOR Synthetic Racing Oil is specifically designed to combat engine wear. Its advanced formula is resistant to viscosity loss caused by mechanical shear, ensuring a strong and protective oil film. Additionally, it contains high levels of zinc and phosphorus anti-wear additives, providing extra protection against scuffing and wear, especially in demanding racing conditions.

Maximizes Horsepower

DOMINATOR is designed with special additives that minimize friction, resulting in less energy loss. This leads to increased horsepower and lower engine temperatures, which in turn improves performance on the race track and extends the lifespan of engine components.

Excellent All-Temperature Performance

DOMINATOR is specifically designed to perform exceptionally well in all temperature conditions. Whether it's extremely cold or hot, this oil provides maximum protection. Its low pour point ensures that your engine is protected even during startup, reducing any drag that may occur before the oil reaches its optimal operating temperature. Additionally, at high temperatures, DOMINATOR maintains superior film strength, ensuring reliable protection throughout the duration of a race. Its thermally stable synthetic chemistry is specifically formulated to resist the damaging effects of intense heat commonly experienced in racing engines.

Commercial Availability

Some oil companies create specialized racing oils specifically for professional racing teams and do not make them available to the general public. However, there are certain racing oils, such as DOMINATOR Synthetic Racing Oil, that are formulated to deliver high performance and superior protection for all racers, regardless of their level of competition. This oil is used by AMSOIL corporately sponsored racers and is also available for purchase by anyone.

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