Commercial-Grade ISO
Commercial-Grade ISO

Product Code: HCG

Commercial Grade Hydraulic Oil

AMSOIL Commercial Grade Hydraulic Oil is designed to provide industrial and mobile hydraulic applications operating in tough worksite conditions with powerful protection. It resists oxidation and corrosion, prevents foam formation, and helps maintain the components’ cleanliness, allowing for efficient operations and extended oil life. Furthermore, commercial-grade hydraulic oil offers an optimal balance of price and performance needed for equipment that often needs large amounts of hydraulic oil.



Commercial Grade Hydraulic Oil is designed to provide maximum protection and performance in business applications. This specialized lubricant offers strong wear protection that helps extend the life of pumps, motors, valves, solenoids, and other components. It also resists corrosion and sludge buildup to prevent component damage over time. Additionally, the oil is highly filterable for optimal fluid performance and a longer service life. Finally, it resists foam structure formation to guard against cavitation and promote efficient operation.


Resists Wear

For applications in hydraulically operated machines that must withstand the demands of intense usage, AMSOIL Commercial Grade Hydraulic Oil is an ideal choice. Formulated with high-quality base oils and anti-wear additives, it helps protect hydraulic pumps, motors, valves and other components against wear and tear. This ensures the system operates properly for longer durations with reduced maintenance requirements.


Helps Prevent Foam

Commercial Grade Hydraulic Oil manufactured by AMSOIL is developed with anti-foam agents that help to reduce foam build-up. This allows a more efficient operation and hinders the potential for cavitation damage of pumps. Additionally, it prevents sponginess in the oil which can cause diminished performance.




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