15W-50 Small Engine Oil quart

Available Dec. 1, new 15W-50 Synthetic Small-Engine Oil (SEF) rounds out the Synthetic Small Engine Oil family. It’s recommended primarily for zero-turn-mower engines. This will bringing the excellent benefits of AMSOIL Synthetic Small-Engine Oil to applications that call for a 15W-50 vyscocity oil.

Maximizes mower life

Landscapers are some of our best potential customers. They’re under tremendous pressure to complete jobs on time and up to standards, which motivates them to seek products that help them keep their equipment running at peak efficiency for as long as possible, especially expensive zero turn mowers.

However, continuous operation in hot and dirty conditions can lead to deposits that reduce engine compression and deprive the engine of power. Simply put, a small engine oil works harder than most people think. Over time, mowers become less  efficient, require more maintenance and eventually wear out altogether.

Commercial-grade formulation

Most small-engine oils we’ve tested, however, are nothing more than re-labeled automotive oils, which are formulated with fuel economy in mind, not durability. That won’t cut it. Compared to liquid-cooled automotive engines, small engines run hotter; operate under constant load; generate more oil-damaging contaminants; suffer from neglected maintenance; and are exposed to dirt, rain and other extremes. Simply put, they’re far tougher on oil than most people think. AMSOIL 15W-50 Synthetic Small Engine Oil isn’t merely a re-badged automotive oil. Instead, we have designed it from scratch specifically for small engines to increase reliability and help gardeners and other professionals do more work and save money. It’s built to solve the problems that plague zero-turn-mower engines. This including wear, power loss, oil consumption, harmful carbon deposits and stuck rings and valves. It helps landscapers and other professionals get more work done and save money. Experts can be sure that their engines will be protected even in times of prolonged use when there is no time for scheduled maintenance.

Reserve protection

Synthetic Small-Engine Oil is a longlife formulation that has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to safely exceed original equipment manufacturer (OEM) drain intervals in the toughest conditions. Extensive tests and stringent requirements have shown that the system can have longer recommended runtimes than the manufacturer's recommended runtime. Up to 200 hours or the OEM's longest drain recommendation, whichever comes first.


Use in small engines found in (not limited to) mowers (zero-turn, riding, stand-on, push), generators, power washers and other equipment that requires SAE 50, 10W-50 or 15W-50 motor oil.