What Makes DOMINATOR® Synthetic Racing Oil Different?


In the high-stakes world of racing, every detail matters. Whether it's the precision engineering of engines, a driver's skill, or the motor oil chosen, each factor plays a pivotal role in race outcomes. When it comes to motor oil, not all products are equal, especially when pushing performance limits. This is where DOMINATOR® Synthetic Racing Oil excels. Crafted for high-performance racing, DOMINATOR distinguishes itself with a distinctive blend of additives and features, making it the preferred choice for dedicated racers and enthusiasts.

ZDDP: The Anti-Wear Powerhouse

At the heart of DOMINATOR's superior performance lies its increased levels of zinc and phosphorus additives, in the form of zinc dialkyldithiophosphate (ZDDP). This powerhouse additive is the secret weapon in DOMINATOR that sets it apart from conventional motor oils.

ZDDP is renowned for its remarkable anti-wear properties. It functions as a potent shield against the detrimental effects of friction, corrosion, and oxidation. When your engine is operating under extreme conditions, like those encountered in high-performance racing, ZDDP steps up to the plate. It creates a chemical barrier on the metal surface, preventing direct contact even when subjected to intense pressure.

The Impact of Extreme Heat

In the world of racing, engines are pushed to their absolute limits. The modified engines in racing vehicles generate colossal heat and pressure levels that your average car or truck will never come close to experiencing. To put this into perspective, a 900 horsepower Pro 4x4 race truck can easily produce engine oil temperatures exceeding 300°F (149°C). Now, that's scorching!

The significance of this extreme heat cannot be overstated. The rate at which motor oil oxidizes is directly proportional to its operating temperature. In fact, the oil's oxidation rate doubles for every 18°F (10°C) increase in temperature. This means that under the extreme conditions of racing, the oil breaks down more than 16 times faster compared to typical daily driving scenarios.

A Breakdown of Molecular Structure

However, the threat to your engine's longevity extends beyond just heat. It also involves the extreme pressure and shearing forces racing oil must withstand. When the oil experiences immense stress between the main and rod bearings, cam lobes, and lifters, it can lead to a phenomenon where the oil's molecular structure breaks down. This breakdown results in reduced viscosity and film strength.

This breakdown in the molecular structure is a serious concern for racers. When the oil loses its viscosity, it becomes less effective at lubricating critical engine components, which can result in excessive wear and damage. In the high-performance racing world, where every second counts, the last thing you want is an oil that can't withstand the intense pressure and shearing forces.

DOMINATOR: Precision-Formulated for Racing

So, what sets DOMINATOR Synthetic Racing Oil apart from the competition? It's all about precision formulation. DOMINATOR isn't your run-of-the-mill motor oil; it's engineered to guard racing engines against the extreme temperatures and shearing forces they encounter on the track.

The increased levels of ZDDP in DOMINATOR make it a formidable anti-wear agent. It doesn't just reduce friction. It creates a robust chemical barrier that stands up to the punishing conditions of racing. This means that even in the most high-pressure situations, DOMINATOR keeps your engine protected.

Furthermore, DOMINATOR's formulation takes into account the rapid oxidation rate that racing oils experience. Providing the necessary resistance to oxidation. It ensures that your oil remains effective and reliable throughout the race. This helps extend the life of your engine. Also reduces maintenance costs, and most importantly, keep you in the winner's circle.

In the world of high-performance racing, precision, power, and speed reign supreme. DOMINATOR Synthetic Racing Oil, with its elevated ZDDP levels, provides unmatched anti-wear protection. It guards your engine against the extreme heat and pressure of the track. This oil reflects the meticulous engineering and formulation behind a motor oil designed specifically for racing. When you chase victory on the racetrack, trust DOMINATOR to maintain peak engine performance and drive you toward the checkered flag.

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