AMSOIL Customer Reviews

See what people have to say about AMSOIL synthetic oil and motor vehicle products.

Eddie H

Harley Owner

I love AMSOIL.  Just pulled my tranny plug on my HD.  Usually have a bit of metal shavings on the magnet.  After 1000km or so, came out clean as a whistle


Kyler S


Hey guys, just wanted to give testimony on the AMSOIL gun oil.  It works great.  I hunted the other day for the morning in the pouring rain and couldn’t get to my shotgun until after 5pm that day.  The AMSOIL held up to its name and my gun was rust free and well protected.  Definitely another AMSOIL product I will trust and use regularly.   The added protection and peace of mind is great.



Authorized MAC Tool Dealer  

Hey! Thanks for getting the MP Metal Protector chain lube.  After you gave it to me it freed up the chain after 2 hrs of soak time.  This chain was very stiff from lack of good quality perpetrator and lubricant your Ams Oil product proved to be superior to anything else used.  My power tailgate on my tool truck now operates smooth and trouble free.  Thanks for your support, your products continue to meet my expectations and, in this case, have surpassed that.


Steve P

Harley Owner

The first thing I noticed when I switched to AMSOIL was how easy it was to find neutral in my Harley Davidson.  I can't believe I was using that crap truck oil before.


Harley Owner

Finding neutral on my 2022 Harley Davidson Road King has never been easier