Pikwakanagan Fuels Powers Ahead with AMSOIL

Pik Fuels

Vyscocity is proud to announce their partnership with Pikwakanagan Fuels. They provide the best synthetic lube solutions available for powering their fleets and customers. With this collaboration, they are leading the way forward in providing a more efficient and cost-effective way of fuelling up in the Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn First Nation, in Ontario, Canada.


Introduction to Pikwakanagan Fuel's Partnership with Vyscocity and AMSOIL

Pikwakanagan Fuels and Vyscocity are excited to announce their partnership with AMSOIL, the leading synthetic lubricant technology in the world. This amazing collaboration is focused on providing a comprehensive solution to power and maintain the fleets and customers of the Pikwakanagan First Nation. With this innovative approach, they are looking towards a more efficient and cost-effective way of fuelling up and maintaining their vehicles.


Benefits of the Partnership for Pikwakanagan Fuels includes Cost Savings and Improved Performance

Through their new partnership with AMSOIL, Pikwakanagan Fuel is looking forward to leveraging cost savings in the long run. Not only is this because of reduced maintenance costs, but because they are using an advanced lubricant technology that is designed to help engines last longer and perform better. This means improved fuel economy and smoother running equipment. Stretching out their budgets without compromising on the quality of performance.


Overview of AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants and How They Improve Efficiency

AMSOIL’s line of synthetic lubricants have been proven to improve efficiency and reduce wear on engines over conventional lubes. By creating a film of protection between moving parts in an engine, they can create a smoother running system with less friction. This helps to conserve energy, reduce heat buildup and extend the life of the equipment. In addition, because the lubricants resist breakdown much better than other options on the market, they will not need to be replaced as often. Making them a cost-effective choice for fleets and facilities.



Optimizing Engine Performance with Regular Maintenance Utilizing Synthetic Lubricants

To get the most out of their investment, Pikwakanagan Fuels has implemented an engine maintenance regimen to optimize engine performance and protect their fleet. They rely on the understanding that regular oil changes are critical to the longevity of their systems and understand the value of using premium synthetic lubricants for these services. By taking advantage of Vyscocity’s training program for AMSOIL products, they are not only protecting their investments, but getting improved performance from their machines as well.

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