AMSOIL Inc. Expands Industrial Business Unit with Acquisition of Benz Oil

AMSOIL INC., a leading global manufacturer of synthetic lubricants, has recently acquired Benz Oil, a Milwaukee-based company that has been in the business of developing, manufacturing, and supplying industrial and metalworking fluids since 1898.

This acquisition will enhance AMSOIL's capabilities and expertise in the industrial fluids market, making it the top choice for companies looking to improve the efficiency and reliability of their operations. AMSOIL's Chairman & CEO, Alan Amatuzio, expressed excitement about the acquisition, stating that the addition of the Benz team and facilities will make AMSOIL an indispensable partner for businesses in need of high-quality industrial fluids.

AMSOIL is a company that offers a wide range of industrial products, including turbine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, and more. Recently, they expanded their product line to include cutting and grinding metalworking fluid, process fluid, heat-transfer fluid, and other specialty fluids. The acquisition of these new products was made possible through a partnership with Benz Oil, a company that shares AMSOIL's values of putting people and customers first. Both companies prioritize a consultative approach to selling and providing value beyond just the transaction. This acquisition is an exciting development for AMSOIL and their commitment to providing high-quality industrial products.

The acquisition will help AMSOIL Industrial to further differentiate itself from competitors and drive growth. Benz Oil will now be rebranded under the AMSOIL name. This acquisition will allow AMSOIL to expand its reach and provide even more high-quality products and services to its customers.

After 125 years of family ownership, Benz Oil has found a new owner in AMSOIL, another family-owned Wisconsin company. The transition will not affect sales, laboratory operations, production, or distribution. Dixon Benz II, CEO of Benz Oil, expressed the importance of finding new ownership that would preserve the company's values and legacy. He believes that AMSOIL, with its capable team and commitment to growth, will embrace Benz Oil's foundation and accelerate its trajectory. This change presents a great opportunity for customers and employees alike.


AMSOIL is a company that specializes in creating synthetic lubricants that provide innovative solutions to the challenges faced by vehicles and equipment. Their synthetic lubricants have proven to be exceptional in various markets, including automotive, powersports, industrial, and racing. This has made AMSOIL a highly respected brand in the industry with a loyal customer base. Al Amatuzio, a former jet fighter squadron commander, founded AMSOIL with a strong commitment to excellence, integrity, and leadership. These principles have been the foundation of the company's success and growth over the years. Amatuzio's experience in the military and his passion for innovation and quality have helped shape AMSOIL into a leading provider of synthetic lubricants and other automotive products. In 1972, AMSOIL made a breakthrough with the creation of the world's first synthetic motor oil, the AMSOIL 10W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil. This oil was the result of years of research and was inspired by aerospace technology. It outperformed conventional oils in every aspect, marking a new era in lubrication science. Today, many other motor oil manufacturers have recognized the superiority of synthetic lubricants and have followed AMSOIL's lead by introducing their own synthetic motor oils. AMSOIL remains the leader in synthetic lubricants, and customers should accept no substitutes. ®

About Benz Oil

Benz Oil, established in 1898, is a top manufacturer and supplier of industrial lubricants. Our focus is on providing custom lubrication technology to manufacturers, and we have adapted to the rapid pace of technological change over the past century. Benz Oil is a company that prides itself on its expertise in the industrial market. With a team of knowledgeable professionals, they understand the importance of carefully formulated products and the right people to meet the challenges of a global market. They have a large on-site storage facility for raw materials, an innovative oil analysis laboratory, and unmatched technical resources. From customer need to production and delivery, Benz Oil is committed to providing unparalleled value to their customers. Their dedication to product development and manufacturing has allowed them to consistently meet the evolving needs of manufacturers and help their customers achieve their goals.

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